Images? Photos? Pictures? Here they are….

Images, photos or pictures (however you call them) are a very important part of our daily communication. Not for nothing says the proverb: “a picture tells more than a thousand words”. is born from an initiative of a traveling couple. Traveling on their boat through the Netherlands and Europe many images are produced. Photos that others could make good use of.

The database with images is constantly growing. Even if the number is not huge at the moment, you will see that it is growing and growing. You can find them on the PHOTOS page. Besides that we are increasingly placing our images ourselves, we are also working hard to make the website suitable for other photographers to participate.

Keep an eye on it, there’s a lot more to come.

What can you expect here?

The answer is simple: good usable pictures on a wide variety of subjects. The photos are all checked on their the technical merits and are as is. That’s what you can expect.

..and are as is?

We decided not to fiddle much with the photos as we trust our customers are capable enough to do that themselves if needed. So we don’t have cows in a purple meadow, for instance.

Images in a wide range of topics on

Our database is growing every day

And what’s more, our database is growing every day. At this moment we have a more than a thousand photos listed already but we expect that this number will grow fast. Here at, we try to keep our selection as clean as possible. No offensive photos in our listings when we can help it. None the less it is always possible that one slips through. If you find one, don’t hesitate to contact us, provide us the photo name and we will review it once more.

The use of the site is super easy. Type in your keyword in the search field above hit enter and you will be presented by the results. Note that you may also type in more keywords, separated by a comma. From the search results page, you can click an image of your liking to view a larger preview and review the details. If you are not sure if the selected photo is the one you want you can place it on your account light table. This way you can decide later and go back to your search results. From this single product page (or from your light table) you can add the photo to your basket. Pretty straightforward isn’t it?


When your done shopping you can go to the checkout page, review the data, complete the form. As you will notice is providing a wide range of payment methods. For the payments, we are working with a leading payment provider, so the data you supply when paying is very secure. And next to that your payment data, like card numbers and so, are not stored in our systems. That means secure and confidential payments.


After your payment is processed you will be presented with an ‘order received’ confirmation page. On this page, you will find a link to your download. This way you can download your photo immediately and start working with it. You also will receive an email with the same information. Your invoice will be attached to this email. BTW you can always download your images and invoices from your account page. And if anything goes wrong during the download, don’t worry. Just try it another time. As said, super easy.

Images in a wide range of topics on

Why this way?

A picture tells more than thousand words. A saying that we all know and it is true. Browsing the web we come across thousands and thousands of images. A lot of those images are provided by stock photo sites.

No subscription models

Looking at these sites we noticed that they are often working with a subscription model. A model where the customers pay a monthly fee and in return the customer is allowed to download a certain number of images. This means in the end that it is a membership site. Ok, nothing wrong with it. But…. every month there is money transferred from the members (customers) account to the stock photo site. And we noticed, when interviewing potential customers of, that this was not beneficial in a lot of cases. Paying a monthly fee of, let’s say $ 25,00 and not downloading even one image is money thrown away. Apparently are a lot of customers ending up with a subscription they don’t (fully) use.

A fair fee

Next to that is the payment for contributing photographers to cry about. Even a few cents per download came by. We decided to try a different approach. Our customers are paying for each photo they buy a fair amount of money. Expensive? As always is that a personal opinion. All our photos are fairly priced. As you can imagine we do have to earn some money to pay our costs, provide wages for our team and pay our contributing photographers a fair fee for every sale on one of their photos. And last but not least our company tries to do business with social responsibility. We like to donate a share of our profit with charities.

We wish you happy browsing and when you want to leave a comment or when you have a question? Feel free to CONTACT us.